Deposit Bonus

What is a Deposit Bonus at an Online Casino?

When a person decided to try online gambling at an online casino they will offer a variety of offers for new gamblers. Many online casinos will give new guests free spins and sign up bonuses. Most online casinos also will offer their guests a deposit bonus. These deposit bonuses vary depending upon the casino. Some online casinos will offer to match dollar for dollar the first deposit up to a set dollar amount. Often the dollar amount is around fifty to a hundred dollars. This means if you deposit fifty dollars to play with, the online casino will also give you an additional fifty dollars to play with. Other online casinos will offer up to three deposit bonuses. So the first three deposits a gambler makes to their account the casino will either match in full or match a certain percentage of. Some casinos will offer a 100% match for the first deposit and then a 50% match for the second and third deposits. It is important to always read the specials and promotions area of a casino and the fine print in those areas when online gaming. Another type of deposit bonus that casinos offer is sometimes specific to certain games that the casino features.

How does a bonus work in an online casino?

Online casinos face pressure from each other to attract customers to their site for several reasons. For one, online casinos are easily scalable with a large start up costs but low costs associated with adding new customers. They also operate to worldwide customers and therefore compete against other online casinos located throughout the world. One way they attract customers and retain them is with bonuses.

In online casinos, bonuses work in a few different ways. Deposit bonuses are earned after an individual deposits money into their online casino account and play in a predetermined amount of casino games, which ranges from casino to casino. These deposit bonuses are incentives to play in a specific site and enticed players to sign up for that website.

Alternatively, online casinos also offer bonuses to the player who reaches certain levels of seniority, either through the longevity of playing or though amounts gambled. Usually, the online casino will offer tiers of rewards that are earned, sometimes with lower fees for more senior players or those who play with more volume. These bonuses incentivize players to keep playing on that online casino as opposed to on other sites and protects the online casino from the churn of their players.