SignUp Bonus

What is a Signup bonus at an Online Casino?

When deciding to partake in online gaming there are several things guests will notice that are used to entice them. Many online casinos will offer people who are new to their casino free spins or a sign-up bonus. What exactly is a sign-up bonus? That depends upon the casino. Most casinos are free to join. After you establish your account the casino will often reward you with a few free spins. Free spins are usually from ten to twenty-five; sometimes a guest will get lucky and receive fifty free spins. In addition to these free slot machine spins they will also get a free sign up bonus. Most online casinos will offer guests anywhere from five dollars to twenty-five dollars free to play with on table games when they sign up. In addition to these free spins and free sign up bonuses many casinos also offer a dollar matching bonus for new casino gamers. After a gamer uses their free spins and free gaming money most casinos will match their first deposit. So if a gambler deposits ten dollars the casino will give them an additional free ten dollars to play with that day. There is always a limit on how much a casino will match.