Casilando Online Casino Review

10 No deposit Free Spins + 100% in Bonus + 90 Free Spins at Casilando

Casilando, separates itself from other online casino websites by staying true to their ideals. Created by professionals, that are passionate about operating, and casually playing; the website knows how to provide what will definitely work, and how to leave out what won't work. Casilando prefers to provide less promotions, that offer more value, instead of providing a lot of very generic promotions, that do the opposite. They've created a simple website with easy to follow user-interface, and, have achieved a very high level of customer support. Casilando, is also very proud of its high-technology, which provides safety, and a simple, and unique playing experience.


When You Visit Casilando

The first time you visit, you will be amazed by the simplicity and effectiveness of the website. In the center of the page, is a very attractive bonus to signup for ten free spins. The slideshow continues from right to left, with offers and reading material to go further into the website. On the left side of the page, you will see a moving meter of people that are winning on a consistent basis. The main page is very intuitive and the options of what to do are simplified for you, with a language option on the top left corner, login and free registration on the top right corner, and games and promotions below language. You have the option to open an account by clicking the green button, you then see the feed of people, and finally at the bottom you will find live help and another login button. Below the slideshow, you can see the tabs for top games, new games, slots, jackpots, live, blackjack, roulette, table, poker, and other. These are industry standard on any casino website.

Bonus & Promotions

As mentioned earlier, Casilando's promotions are fewer, but offer more value. When you click on the promotions button, you will see a drop down menu divided into three categories. These categories are, a welcome bonus, a breakfast bonus, and loyalty points. In the welcome bonus tab, you will see ten free spins. If you read further, you are also encouraged to continue to play, and stick around the website. If you do, then, when you make your first deposit, you will get ninety more free spins and 100% deposit bonus up to $300. You're also told which games you can use your free spins on.

Although there aren't many, these promotions offer huge value. The breakfast bonus, if you login to your Casilando account between the 25th and 31st of August, will give you a 75% bonus up to $150 everyday that you sign in. This is better than a continental breakfast at a four star hotel. The next promotion is the Thursday getaway where you get a 50% deposit bonus up to $250 and an additional twenty free spins on the Aloha game. Now, the next promotion is the loyalty points promotion. This promotion gives you loyalty points with every deposit you make. Two hundred and fifty loyalty points can be cashed in for $1, and you get 500 points on your initial deposit. You can then earn points in selected games with each $10 you use in each game. For example, you get 2 points on every slot game, 2 points on scratchcards, 1 point in bingo, etc. Finally if you refer a friend, and they sign up and make a deposit, you will be credited $10 for each friend you refer.

In The Mobile

Casilando's website in a mobile device, offers the same intuitive, simple feeling. The mobile site's first call to action gets you to login or signup, so you can login. For this website, the mobile view's better than PC.

Games at Casilando

If you are in the United States, forget about playing any game at
If you are not in the United States, there are a variety of games to choose from at Casilando, and they are divided by their respective category. When you click on the “Games” button to the left of the home page, you will see a drop down menu with three different categories, slots, live casino, and jackpots. In the middle of the page you will always see the different categories as well, with top games at the front. New games follow, then you have slots, jackpots, live, blackjack, roulette, table, poker, and other games.


Deposits and Withdrawals At Casilando


Deposits and withdrawals at Casilando are fairly simple. You can find the complete description of the Payment Terms and Conditions . When you create an account and deposit money into it for the first time, the credit or debit card used will be credited and the money will be deposited into your Casilando account for you to use, immediately. The site requires a CV2/CVV from your card for security reasons. The transaction will appear in your bank statements as “Aquapay London”, and, should you have any questions, you can provide a customer query to be answered within 24 hours by the Casilando staff. Upon every transaction, you will receive an invoice to your email. To withdraw money, you will have to create an account and be logged in.

Getting Help at Casilando

Getting help at is very easy. All you do is click on the icon with the chat bubbles that says “Talk to Me”, and a representative will be online in seconds, to answer any of your questions. At the end of your chat, you will be prompted to leave feedback on how your conversation went. The next best way to get help at is to click on any of the links at the bottom of each page and to read all the fine print.

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